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Kennedy's New latin Primer US 2nd edn
Kennedy's New latin Primer UK 2nd edn

Kennedy’s New Latin Primer

Benjamin Hall Kennedy

Revised by Gerrish Gray
Second Edition

The book usually known as Kennedy’s Revised Latin Primer has remained, with good reason, the pre-eminent Latin reference grammar in British schools and universities for many decades. Kennedy's New Latin Primer from Tiger Xenophon is the first entirely new edition in two generations.

The sections on pronunciation have been revised to reflect modern scholarship.

As well as clearer and more legible typography, this new edition has been modernised for today's readers.

The second edition has been further refined and corrected. In particular, we have attempted to remove any ambiguities by rewording and making changes to the layout. We have removed the old-fashioned memorial verses which attempted to help students recall various aspects of grammar and have added a discussion of the importance of learning Latin.

It is to Kennedy that we owe the modern UK practice of declining substantives, adjectives and pronouns in the order: Nominative, Vocative, Accusative, Genitive, Dative, Ablative. Unfortunately, the Americans retained the order Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, Vocative, Ablative which was common in the UK before Kennedy. It is very hard for anyone who has learnt one order to adjust to the other, so we feel obliged to give customers the choice. The book is available in US and UK versions. Both versions are available in all markets.

US Version Publication July 2019   252pp Pbk List Price £12.50 / $16.50 ISBN 978-1-904799-71-9
UK Version Publication July 2019   252pp Pbk List Price £12.50 / $16.50 ISBN 978-1-904799-70-2
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An Introduction to Vulgar Latin

Charles Hall Grandgent

The modern study of Classical Latin creates the illusion that it is a precisely-defined and immutable language; but all living languages are changing continuously, and Latin was no exception. Even in the Classical period many varieties of Latin were written and spoken, and as the Empire collapsed Latin, especially the spoken language of the common people, evolved. This language, Vulgar Latin, not the medieval Latin of learned scholars, evolved further into the Romance languages.

This book traces the development of Vulgar Latin and will therefore be of interest to medievalists and students of Romance languages.

UK Version  176pp Pbk  List Price £12.50 / $15.50 ISBN 978-1-904799-43-6
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An Introduction to Vulgar Latin

From Latin to Italian

An Historical Outline of the Phonology and Morphology of the Italian Language

Charles Hall Grandgent

The present dialects of Italy are descendants of Latin. But in nearly all regions it was a Latin influenced in its vocabualry and pronunciation by the earlier linguistic habits of the populations that had adopted it. These peoples contain a strong admixture of Ligurian, Gallic, Illyrian, Greek and Phoenician nationalities, and of Italic tribes whose native tongue was related to Latin, for instance, Umbrian and Oscan. Professor Grandgent presents a fascinating account of the early development of the Italian language which will be of particular interest to linguists and medievalists.

Charles Hall Grandgent was a professor at Harvard from 1896 to 1932. He was highly regarded as a Romance linguist and authority on Dante. He was also a leading expert on American English dialects.

Publication Feb. 2008   240pp   Pbk   List Price £14.99 / $30.00ISBN 978-1-904799-23-8
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