Welcome to Tiger Xenophon

Tiger of the Stripe’s Language Imprint

Why the Stupid Name?

Well, the Tiger element is, of course, from Tiger of the Stripe. It soon became obvious that Tiger of the Stripe was a very bad name from a search engine point of view because ‘of the’ gets dropped unless you place the whole name in quotes. Tiger and Stripe occur together frequently, so when choosing a name for our language imprint, we looked for a less common combination – Tiger Xenophon was born! As you probably know, Xenophon was a Classical Greek writer, but we use it because the word might be interpreted as ‘foreign voice’ (Ξενο + φῶνή).

This unassuming logo was designed to fit comfortably onto the spines of books. It is the product of a stylised tigerʼs stripe and the Greek capital letter Ξ (see figure).

Why all these Dead Languages?

Well, we happen to find them interesting, and we hope you do, too! However, we hope to add living languages to our list eventually.

Book Proposals

We would welcome proposals for new books on living and dead languages and literature. Please use the contact page.

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